I Must Needs Go Through Samaria Ministry of YESHUA EST. 2019

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Just a little bit about us. We LOVE YESHUA and want to share him with all people . The purpose of this website is to share the LOVE OF YESHUA and to help and minister to those who are hurting , broken, tired, confused and are searching  and want to know how to grow and become more intimate with GOD. Our salvation is not just a simple prayer that we pray at the alters with the SHEPHERDS of GOD, but it is a FULLY SURRENDERED LIFE where you have to literally give your whole life to YESHUA so that he can himself come and live so that you can fulfill the true spirit filled purpose he has for you and most importantly to share that with others so that we can bring in the LAST DAYS HARVEST . Our heart is that everyone who comes upon this website will be filled with the LOVE of GOD and that with some of the resources provided it can help you on your truly intimate JOURNEY with YESHUA. Hallelujah!!!

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